Tuesday, July 7

Less Work = More Play

Only two more days of work for me this week. Than a four day weekend, that will feel non-restive with all the rushing around I feel I will be doing. I sat down last night, to try to create an itinerary, get the reservations completed, etc. I wore myself out. The only part of the day(s) I will get any relaxation, is when I am driving somewhere, or I am sleeping. On the good part though, it will be good to see what family and friends I have in the short time I am back there.

Car. That's the one reservation I need to get done yet. Got to remember to do it tonight.

That's about all I have this morning. Thoughts are buzzing in and out the head this morning, along with what-ifs and other worries. Can't seem to keep a solid train of thought moving.


1 comment:

Joe said...

Bring an umbrella it's gonna rain. That is all it has done all summer