Wednesday, July 22

Feel Like Hiding Out

The past few days have been pretty weird. The next few aren't looking much different. Work has been kicking my ass quite a bit of late. With the high humidity (for AZ) that has been around for the monsoon season, and the fact our parts warehouse is not air conditioned, has lead to me having two hour sweat sessions, which just really wipe me out. By the time I get home in the evenings, I just want to sit somewhere with the A/C on full, and mellow out until I fall asleep. Most nights, that doesn't take long. I am just feeling so worn out.

Next week I get the spend a couple days getting the two older boys registered for school. The Oldest Son has his on Tuesday morning, and due to also having band camp that week, they get to go first thing in the morning. Makes it nice for me, as I usually do not end up missing any work time. How ever, the Middle Son, I had to take Wednesday off of work. He is in Jr. High, but why would they do their registration from 4pm-7pm? The Wife said she would not be able to get off early that day, so I ended up using one of my last two days of vacation. I have one day left, and knowing me, I probably will just lose it. I have a month to use it, but have to plan the days off so far ahead of time so someone can do my job, it is going to be hard to take it. Use it or lose it ... but not much choice at this time. Come the end of August I get two weeks vacation, and here this past year, I had a hard time using just 1 week....

School registrations.... Oh, and I need to get the Oldest in to get his senior portraits done. Never realized that they charge for a sitting fee, then also for the proofs, then also for the actual photos. Freaking expensive. I'm sure we will get literature later in the year for the class ring as well. I am sure they are more expensive than when I went to school.

Well, I suppose I should get the morning started and get ready for work.


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