Tuesday, May 26

Oh, F*** Me ....

I screwed up on Friday. I had gotten through the entire work day with no problems, until I reached the last stop of my route. I was missing two parts. I double-checked the bins I carry the parts in - didn't see anything. I remembered earlier in the day, setting both pieces (they were small - about hand-sized) on a shelf. Thinking maybe I got side-tracked from someone, or something, and maybe left them there. I made a quick note to the tech about not having the parts with me for that call. I wrote a note for my boss, as I dropped off paperwork to him after that stop. I did forget to call in Saturday morning, thinking they would find the parts quickly and get them to the tech .... but I didn't. I forgot to call. This morning I got a call from one of the other parts people, and we talked a few minutes about it. He wasn't able to locate them quickly as to where I thought I had left them. He said he would continue looking, thinking maybe I set them somewhere else by accident. I don't know. I guess I will find out when I get there and see if they were found, or I may be spending some time looking for them. I just hate when I mess up like that.

Weekend was nice. Would have been nicer if I didn't have the damn cold. By Saturday, the runny nose and sinus pressure was gone, but had moved into the chest a bit. Been hacking most of the weekend. This morning I noticed that quite a bit of phlegm was coming up with the hacking, and it feels like it is starting to clear up. I'm sure just as I kick this cold, the allergies will start back in.

Got a few other things on my mind this week. Glad it is only 4 work days. Still feeling muscle-weary, and not sure how to get rid of that. Maybe I need to find someone with a hot tub.


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