Tuesday, May 5

It's A Steep Hill, And I Feel Like I Am At The Bottom

Humility Checks. That has got to be the correct terminology for what has been happening lately. Just when you think things are going pretty good, things just seem to be falling into place correctly - then BAM! things start breaking/failing/going wrong. To such an extent, it leaves you holding your head thinking, "Why me?"

In my household, we just call it Smith Luck. It happens to us often enough (the things going wrong) that we have pretty much accepted it as a fact of life.

I already mentioned the air conditioning not working properly. Called a place to get it fixed yesterday morning, and they said they could have someone here before 6pm. They even gave a time window ... of 12pm - 6pm, that the tech would be here. I was working, so the Wife spent most of the afternoon waiting for the guy to show up. Near 5pm, I guess the company called and said the tech was running late (it happens) and was not sure he would be there at all that night, but they penned us in for 7:30am today. Another day with no a/c. Well, the good side is that it was a cooler day due to some rain that came through the night before, and more expected. It's already about five after 7am, and I have yet to hear from the company about them showing up.

I only am working two days this week, so in a sense, yesterday was my Thursday, and today my Friday. Yesterday still felt like a Monday though. I plodded through the regular part of the work day as normal, and got started on my route. About an hour into the drive, just a few blocks from my first stop, I smell diesal fumes. I'm thinking, surely that is not coming from my truck ... Maybe it is something in the "area" (I was driving with the window down due to the cooler temperature). I arrived a few blocks later at my first stop. As I hop down from the cab, I glance into the area between cab and truck-box. There is a misting/spraying of diesal fuel from the top of the motor area I can see, covering the whole engine area. Quickly I turn the engine off, and start wondering what to do. It's after 5 pm. I still have basically my whole route to do yet. I call my boss. He has the phone number for the garage owner that does our fleet, and they were coming out to me with a spare van we have, and a tow truck. Okay, no probs. Except I'm in the west valley, and they are in the east valley .... at rush hour traffic time. I only ended up losing about an hour of time before the van showed up (amazingly fast) and was able to continue on. Overall, I got home about the normal time still, having two techs off on vacation helped speed up the drive time I guess. But my truck is in the shop, and I have to drive one of the vans, which I don't like compared to my truck. I'll be calling before I leave for work to see if they fixed it yet (the truck).

The middle son had some homework last night that he needed to print some pictures for, as well as type up some paper and print it. This is near 10pm at night and he is working on it (still), and of course, the ink cartridge goes empty. I'm pretty much on my way to bed, so I tell the Wife if she wants, she can drive over to Walmart and get another cartridge so he can finish. I guess they decided not to do that, but to hand-write what he wants to type up, and then he could do it at Grandma's this morning before going to school.

Well, I am off to the Reading Room (I know, TMI) and I am sure the a/c guy will knock while I am in the middle of things ....


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