Thursday, October 1

Isn't Winter Supposed to Be Coming?

It's October 1st, and here in Phoenix we are expecting around 103 for a temperature. If I remember correctly, weather forecast on the radio said we are about 10 degrees higher than average. Plus, it is to finally cool down into the 90's by Monday, with even a slight chance of rain. That sounds more like  the  Octobers of the past I remember.

Work was crazy this last week. One of the guys in my department took 4 days off, and of course that meant I was working 12-13 hour days for those four days. At least the weekend fell in the middle of that time, and I had a couple days to somewhat rest. Though, I still feel pretty worn out. Probably be next week before I start feeling back to normal (no aches/pains, not so tired, etc).

Not much else is going on. Any free time I have anymore seems I have my nose stuck in a book. I've been getting a bit behind in my reading ... or just adding to it faster.


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