Friday, October 16

Gonna Be A Long One

I have been employed at the Company now for just a bit over two years. I enjoy working in the parts department. Like any company, especially those dealing with parts, etc, you need to do an inventory, probably once a year, for financial reasons. At least, I would think a company should.

In the past year and a half, we have done about five inventories. This includes each tech's truck (for their truck inventory) and the parts warehouse (where I work out of). At a year and a half ago, when they performed their first one (since I had started), I found out it was also the first one that the company had ever done ... at least in the last 12 years (about when our branch opened up). Yeah ...

Needless to say, there was a large discrepancy in what parts/value should be there, versus what was actually there. So a couple months later, they did it again, after spending time adjusting numbers, tracking missing parts, etc. Again a month later.

Eventually, it came down to we had to implement a new software system as part of the tracking problem was in the older program/software they were using (suppposedly), so February of last year, that was installed. The inventories faded off. I heard our numbers were closer to be actuals, instead of 'what-should-be'. 

About a month ago, they did another one. Once again the numbers were with less errors. This weekend, they are doing it again. Needless to say, my boss is doing the truck inventories for the Westside techs (the ones I deliver to) this morning. He scheduled them to meet at one centralized location (for them) and have them come every half hour. Each inventory should take about 20 minutes. He asked me to come help him. How? I don't know. Most of these techs do not carry truck stock, so there is going to next to nothing, or nothing to count. Either way, he said to be there by 6am. Which means getting up at 5:30, for me. Whiuch also means, I awoke at 4:30 and could not go back to sleep. Let's add in that Fridays are my "longer" days, as I am pulling parts for two days (Sat & Mon) versus just the usual next day. I'll be lucky to be home by 9pm.

It's also my lil' brother's birthday today. Stuman turns 41 this year, and has already asked what time I would finish up work tonight. I had told him around 9pm. He is to text me where he may be at around that time, so I can go help celebrate out with him. I'm going to be TIRED.

Think I will need a Monster energy drink today, on my way into the shop.


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