Sunday, October 11

I'm A Bit Pissed Tonight

Weekends for my family, come and go like ... hotcakes in front of a hungry teenager. Unless they are my teens, who aren't crazy about hotcakes, but I can't complain, neither am I. Anyways, I guess what I was trying to say is, weekends around here, pretty much aren't weekends. It is just two more days that those of us that are parents, have to squeeze in everything that we weren't able to get done during the week, plus attend 4+ hours of marching competition, help another finish his essay paper, and make sure all of them practice their instruments. Let's add-in the time we need to run to friends' weddings/funerals/extended family visits, etc, etc.

Yeah. We live in real life. Not all that shit gets done.

On "regular" weekends, I make sure of one thing ... either Saturday or Sunday, we go out to eat as a family. Now if the Daughter is up (with or without the SIL) she's invited. And sometimes we invite the MIL (as we did Saturday night). So we had dinner last night, today my Redskins were playing at 10am (my time, even if they did lose ... again). So I was at the pub, had some beers.

Oh hell. I ain't pissed now at nobody but the Wife. She had an MRI today, to help figure out some neuropathy issues she has going on .... but failed to remind me today she was going for an MRI. Yes, she gave me a date, many days ago, but my memory is terrible. It wasn't written on a calendar, or anywhere else. I even spoke with her for 15-20 minutes this morning, but did she remind me? No. So ... when I heard she was getting it done, I was a bit freaked that she had not reminded me.

It ruined the evening.

I am upset my Wife doesn't want to keep me informed (even as bad as my memory is, and she knows this) nor cares if I am there.

I'm a little pissed off. Maybe I should book a flight for our 25th next year, and go without her - say I forgot to remind her that morning our flight leaves ....

Yeah. That would be a cause to waste 25 years ....

So not happy tonight.

Hope you get some ....


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