Wednesday, October 28

A Time Of Renewal

Geez ... this post title sounds pretty New Age. You know, as in, here, hold this piece of crystal and feel a renewal of your essence.... blah blah blah. Oh well,it just popped into my head.

It has been pretty busy around the doodstead of late. The oldest son has had about 4 band events in as many days, one of which I was finally able to attend. They has their second competition this past Saturday at my Alma Mater. Again, they scored a rating of Excellent, and swept all five caption awards (Auxiliary, Percussion, General Performance, General Effect, and Visuals). Monday they had the school district exhibition performance. Last night they had the third and final competition, again scoring an Excellent and sweeping the captions. With their first competition, they already qualified for State, so that is coming up in a couple weeks. This Friday is the last home game, and also senior walk night, though I won't be able to make it. The Wife will walk with the oldest when he is announced.

Work is still going fine, though I feel older each week with the numerous aches/pains I seem to acquire on a daily basis. After a couple days off, I feel better, until I get back into the shop. Ibuprofen is my friend.

Been sticking my nose a little more into my Kindle of late. Less computer, more reading. Of course, it is easy to do when I get home because almost everyone is in bed already. Seems lately my hours have increased due to the extra traffic. Since July, I have added about an hour plus to my drive time due to the increase of traffic. I blame it all on snowbirds. That and one of the newer techs is an ass, and never seems to have his paperwork ready when I get there (my next to last stop) or worse, he isn't home yet. He lives in one of those suite rental by the week/month/whatever places, so it's not like I can leave his stuff on the porch. Very, very irritating. And he whines about how they require certain things to be done, paperwork-wise. Most days I just want to tell him "You're Fired!".

Speaking of "you're fired' ... how about that GOP race. (smh). Debate tonight. Maybe something proper will happen.


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