Tuesday, October 13

Let's Look At College

As parents, I am sure most look at sending your kids to college like a second mortgage. For many, I understand. I'm thinking about my second. Let me re-align you with our history....

The Daughter. Paid for a year of major university, with dorm, etc, She basically "fails out" they don't ask her back. Enroll her in a secondary, pay all fees, etc, plus her living costs (an apartment, etc. in another city while she attends). After graduating, with what she went to school for, she has to take three (3) state tests to be licensed to work.

She got married. She moved twice (based on the boyfriend, now husband) but still living in the state. And STILL has not taken the tests, to be able to work. I'm not happy.

So my next child, is a Senior this year. Yes, he is male. Yes, we don't have the money available like we did with his sister. Also, he has not applied to any university (that I know of, as of tonight). That could be a good thing. I know he is super smart. I'm pushing for him to join the US Air Force. Can't be a pilot, but Intelligence, Police, or something better. He's smart, shouldn't be on dipshit patrol.

Or I said Navy. He likes to eat. Maybe a cook, or something. I don't know.

I just want him to have a goal. Because he seems to have none as of now.

I'm pushing for Air Force. I got my brother in Army Reserve. Dad served (drafted) Army. PT served AF back in the day. Grandpa was Army in WWII. Got Uncles that did NAVY, and ARMY. Lot of family that served, whether in time of need or not.

Not happy about our country in the political situation we are in, and signing up one more, ain't fixing nothing ..... and it makes me harder to believe in what is right, if we don't have a strong leader, which we don't have now, and the prospects for the future, are not looking good.

All my opinion. Maybe you rest easy....


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Greybeard said...

If he's truly interested in cooking, have him check out the Coast Guard. I hear their cooking school is LONG, and graduates are highly sought-after when they leave the CG.