Tuesday, September 22

Catching Up

The last week or so has been crazy. This next week isn't looking much better. Been having to help cover for people going on vacations, then you throw into the works we had inventory last week. This next week, I have to pull extra hours for four days, and if like yesterday, which I fear they will be, it means 12 hour plus work days. Yesterday about dropped me. By the time I made it home, I used the restroom, then went to bed. No supper. No chit chat. Straight to bed, and passed out. I got a good nine hours of sleep or more, and today I feel rested, but muscle-achey.

Nothing exciting in the Life around here. The Daughter is coming up this weekend for her birthday, though it isn't until next Monday.

Geez, my life is sounding pretty boring right now if all I do is work.


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Rev Mom said...

Work is part of life. For most of us, anyway! Look at it as you are building muscle? But I sat long enough in a vehicle this past week to remember it isn't any fun. Been able to use the cassettes?