Tuesday, August 20

It's A Catch-Up Morning

This morning I am spending time catching up on some television shows I like to watch. We don't have cable, or satellite, at our house - never could see paying for it when we don't watch much on cable networks. The Wife has a few shows in the past she has enjoyed, and they are all on regular TV networks, and I am not much for many of the shows in the past. Lately though, there have been some decent ones, and I admit I have a small list now. I prefer to watch them the day after they air, as I can usually find them on the network website, and view them with few, or sometimes no, commercials. Already this morning I have caught up on "LONGMIRE", about Absaroka County, WY, sheriff Walt Longmire, based on a series of books by Craig Johnson. I had read the series after watching the first season through Netflix. Next up is "THE NEWSROOM" which airs on HBO. Following that will be "RAY DONOVAN" which is Showtime I believe.

There are few other shows coming out this fall that have caught my eye. "AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D." is one. It is a take-off of THE AVENGERS movie out this past summer. A couple others with new seasons are "VIKINGS" and "GRIMM". And the longer running "SONS OF ANARCHY". Guess I will have to start setting schedules to watch them all come this fall. Hopefully it will be around a work schedule, as the new job is hopefully starting in the next couple weeks. I will be following up with the manager there this afternoon, or maybe tomorrow, depending on if he has the time to talk a bit.

The boys have settled back into a school schedule pretty easily this year. This is the second week back, and things are falling into a regular morning again. The oldest has his first football game coming up next Friday. The Daughter is getting ready to start her last 6-week internship within the next 2-3 weeks as well. She is looking to graduate the end of October.

With the boys back in school, I need to get back into a regular thing of going to the gym. I have done well, considering most of the summer I did not go. I managed to lose about 18 pounds since January, and look to try for another 15 before the end of the year. Losing 30 pounds for the year doesn't sound like much, but it is good for me. Plus, maybe I can win Reverend Mother's challenge of 10% weight loss (I was over 300 lbs. when she made it, so I figure 30 is about 10%. Would love to drop a few extra, but we will see. The hard part is always keeping it off.

Guess I should get off here and get my shows watched. Need to do some correspondence, too.


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Rev Mom said...

I have confidence in you! I'm holding the $100 back for you!!