Monday, August 5

The Weird Things From The Past Few Days

I didn't look when I posted last, but it was probably Friday. Either way, this weekend was a bit different than most of them.

Friday night was work as usual, nothing major going on. Saturday night they had on the UFC fights, so the crowd was a bit bigger than usual. The past two UFC fight nights have been mellow, but it was bound to change sooner or later. A couple hours after the fights were over, there were a couple younger guys running their mouths, putting down people. I guess they had said something to one guy (who works there as a karaoke host on several nights) that his tattoos (he has body sleeves of them) are shit, etc. Oh, I should mention this guy they insulted, is a tattoo artist as well. Needless to say, two of our larger regulars (and tattooed as well) heard it and there was a near fight. The punks were herded out the door, and between myself and another bounce, we were able to keep the large guys from kicking the asses of the mouthy bastards.

I forgot to mention that shortly before this, we had a transvestite customer come in. Five minutes or so later, my brother and his girlfriend come in. Later on, my brother's girlfriend tells me that the tranny had gone to the restroom in the ladies room, standing up.Now, it is against the law, that if you have a penis to use the ladies room in the fashion this was done - meaning, the mens/ladies rooms are clearly marked, and there is no shared bathroom. We employees got a kick out of it, as I passed it to the head bouncer, who kept trying to get someone to talk to the tranny about it. Needless to say, he handled it well, informing it that it could stay as long as it used the men's room the rest of the night. It was up with three female friends, and a short time later, they left, being bitches and telling people outside that our bar doesn't like its type, etc. Either way I got a good laugh at the head bouncer for having to handle that situation.

Sunday was a mellow day. I rested (read napped) off and on through the day. For an early supper we took the middle son out to the place of his choosing for his birthday, which is actually Wednesday. Invited along were the MIL, RM, and PT. It was nice to sit down and visit for a bit, while the kids played video games or whatever. It was at the pizza joint. I got a bit miffed at the place though. They had this "special deal" where for $20 you get 100 tokens, and was advertised as a $5 savings. So I went to the counter to get that deal. As she rings it up, I hand out the $20 bill, but she tells me it is $21.66. I made the comment that that is not $20 for 100 tokens then, and that is not a $5 savings for me. She just looked away, saying "That's just how it is." Nothing else, just that. Then hands me a token (that gives 100 tokens when used int he token machine) and a small plastic cup. Well, needless to say, we only go to that place maybe twice a year ... definitely not going to do more at those prices. But I will admit, they messed up our pizza orders, and ended up giving us a free extra large pizza with everything (the one they made by mistake). So I guess, overall I did get my moneys worth. I'll be eating pizza for lunch all this week....

Well, last night the Reverend Mother mentioned I should blog about the token thingy, and I guess I did. I had nothing else for today.

Tomorrow, I have an interview clear across the Valley, for a position I have waiting for to happen. Maybe no post tomorrow.


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