Thursday, August 29

Getting Tired

Tonight is my first "solo" night driving the route. I am not worried about it. I did it last night without needing to use the GPS for directions, and it will be nice to get the guy who has been training me, out of the truck. I was starting to get tired of his babbling about crap. I might miss the company later, but not for a few days at least.

I am dragging  a bit this morning. It must be the combination of the bouncing along in the truck, and the lifting, etc I do, that is making my body sore. Between that and the allergies, which I am beginning to wonder, if it hasn't turned into a cold. Still stuffed up bad, with a sore throat, add in some coughing now, with phlegm.

I found a couple different short-cuts last night on the route. Probably shaved about 30 minutes off the drive time for me. I swear, everyone seems to bitch about this guy that had the position before me, and I just can't grasp that someone could do this job so badly, but they say it is true. I even started implementing a double check prior to the parts going out to my truck, which pleased the 'boss' quite a bit. Taking initiative and all that.

Well, I suppose I should start getting ready for work today.


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