Friday, August 9

Week End Update or How'd My Week Go

Not that too much of any importance happened, I just didn't feel I had much of content to write about.

Wednesday I went for the interview. Thirty miles, one way, for this one. Wasn't as bad as it could have been, since it was 99% freeway driving, and at 9am, traffic was smooth flowing. The interview itself went very well, and I feel confident that the job is pretty much mine. They are saying it will be about 4 weeks before it will be available though. I've been out of work this long, what's another month, right?

Wednesday was also the middle son's 11th birthday. We had gone out Sunday evening for his birthday dinner, as I had pool league that night, and the oldest son had band practice. This weekend I will be taking the birthday boy to Barnes & Noble to find a couple books for presents.

My pool league finished up this week. The next 3-4 weeks are small events, including the awards party, and the captains meeting. Due to this new job coming up, I will not be able to play next season, and broke the news to the team. They were not exactly pleased as not only do they need to find another player, but someone to do the paperwork (I had done it before). Luckily, my buddy Don stepped up and said he would do it. So now just to find another player.

Today has some errand running to complete. The oldest son is home with me today. First stop is the school bookstore, as he needs to change out a couple of books for school since we changed a couple of his classes. Then off to the elementary school, to update the nurse's file on the middle son. I had taken him yesterday to update his shots (D-Tap and Meningitis). From there, the Wife mentioned last night we were short on a few grocery items, so will be headed to the store.

Today is the Reverend Mother's birthday, and she has planned for all the families to meet-up at Village Inn for dinner. She likes to do this big dinners so she can have time with each person. I will be there a bit early, as I need to work tonight and won't be able to stay the whole time. I just called her to wish her a happy birthday, but had to keep it short as I am sure she is at work and if not having started already, preparing to do so.

Weekend is sort of busy. My best friend's wife is arriving in town Sunday for a conference/convention she is attending. I am picking her up at the airport and taking her to the resort so she will not need to rent a car. Next Friday we are going to try to get family together to hang out with her before she flies back. Sunday I also have a coaches meeting for the softball season that is close to starting. I fell like I am starting to get quite a few things on my plate ...



Rev Mom said...

Just an FYI, I let my B&N card expire - with downloads for kindle/nook I don't buy many books now so didn't renew it. I still like to go in and browse so I may renew it again sometime, but then, for once or twice a year to get a discount....would it be worth it. How often do you go to B&N to buy a book?

Ralphd00d said...

I generally only get in there maybe 1-2 times a yer, too. Usually so one of the boys can use up a gift card (or myself).