Sunday, August 11

What a Doozy!

In the last post, I made sure to mention that the Reverend Mother was celebrating her birthday, by having the family out to dinner. Prior to meeting there, the Wife tells me that the Daughter's boyfriend had texted her that they might not it up in time to meet there, but wanted to talk to me. Either way, through a couple phone tag games, we ended up talking on the phone (the boyfriend and I) and he asked for the Daughter's hand in marriage. I gave our blessing, and he proposed to her Saturday morning, at the top of one of the local hiking trails on the mountains in town, at sunrise. She said yes.

Here it is Sunday morning, and I have basically told her she needs to let everyone know, and give us the okay to be able to mention it to people. Mainly, I want her to have all the excitement, as, I hope, this will be the only time she is engaged. I know she has told most of the immediate area family, and will be sharing with more today.

It is Sunday, and my afternoon and evening are pretty booked. There is a coaches meeting around 2pm that I need to go to (I am pretty much the admin part of our team) and leave there to be home by 4pm to head to the airport to pick up Leah, my friend flying in from Michigan. The Wife and I decided this morning that we would take the whole family with us to the airport, then take Leah out to dinner once she has arrived. It is the only chance for the Daughter to see her prior to her returning flight next Saturday. That will put me back home probably somewhere between 8-9pm.

The boys start school tomorrow. Sigh. not looking forward to another school year of the 6:30 am drop-off for band dang near everyday.

Needless to say, I am feeling a bit busy today!


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