Friday, August 2

The Art of Bearding (or How to be Lazy and Not Shave For Awhile)

It has been about four months since I started letting the beard grow again. It has reached a nice 1-2 inches by my guess, and I have been receiving quite a few compliments for it's appearance. Just earlier this past week, I even colored it with a sample of Just for Men that I had received as a test product (another story). I missed some of the greys in the beard, but got most of the thicker spots. I did not do the coloring for vanity. It was a test product review thing. When the grey grows back out, I will let it.

I forget why I originally even started growing the beard. I think mostly it was because I got lazy and just didn't feel like shaving. Usually I have a mustache and goatee, but every few months I decide to grow the beard out. What can I say, I get lazy often I guess. Either way, it usually only lasts a couple weeks before the itchy stage drives me to shave again. This time I decided I was going to get past that stage, and I have. I just am not sure where I want to go with it. Toying with the idea of at least handlebarring the mustache, as it is getting to some good length, but just am unsure about it all.

Think I am off to McDonald's - pick up some breakfast for the oldest son and I as it is his turn at home today. Work for the next couple nights, yee haw.


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