Friday, August 16

Just Some Words

Yesterday I had nothing to share. Today, I seem to have like half a million jumbled thoughts running through my head, and before I can figure out how to write one out, it is gone, and half a dozen others take it's place. Yeah, welcome to my Friday morning. Between that and feeling like a have a zit on my butthole ... You're welcome, I shared.

I am sitting here snickering at that last comment. I can imagine anyone reading this imagining that scenario.... Okay, now I am literally laughing out loud!

Anyways ... So I got asked out to lunch by the RM yesterday. She is off work as it was her and PT's Anniversary earlier this week, so they had stayed up north. Yesterday they were back in the Valley, and invited me to First Watch (breakfast & lunch cafe). RM had a free birthday meal coupon, but I am still glad they asked me to join them. It was nice to catch up on some family talk one-on-one. Today being the last day of her week off from work, I asked the RM to lunch on me today. Looking forward to that! I started out the day with a phone text battle for the last word, which she was kind enough to let me win.

This afternoon I will be heading to Sis' probably. She is picking up our friend, Leah, from her conferences today when they are done. Leah is staying at her place, then Sis will take her to the airport in the morning. I have to work tonight, but thought I could spend a couple hours out there. I know the Wife is planning on her and the boys heading out there this evening.

That's all I got today. Thinking it may be time for a granola bar for breakfast. That, and I gotta pop that zit ...


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