Wednesday, August 28

Starting to Feel It

Monday morning I woke up to a bit of a sore throat and clogged up sinuses. I thought, great. First day at a new job and I will sound like I am sick with a cold. I know it isn't a cold, but just my allergies acting up. Friday and Saturday nights had been pretty windy, thus kicking up dust, pollen and other allergens. It usually takes a day or so to show up with these symptoms. I thought I would just pop a Sudafed, and deal with it, except we have none at the house. I didn't have the time to get some that morning on the way to work (needed to watch the time) and so I suffered through the day. Tuesday, pretty much same stuff. Today, again. It makes my mornings pretty miserable, sniffling, coughing, etc until I clear up enough. I still sound like I am stuffed up and have a cold though. I think I shall ask the Wife to get some Sudafed tonight.

So Monday, I didn't drive at all, and we had used a panel van to do the route. Yesterday, they gave me my truck. A 16-foot box truck. I wasn't worried about driving it, as I had driven longer ones before. Just in Phoenix and surrounding area, the legal width of a lane on the road seems to change from street to street. Some I felt I could barely fit in the lane, others I had seemingly several feet on each side. Symantecs I guess. Either way, we finished up the route with me driving last night at a good time. Tonight will be the last night I have a rider along. Tomorrow I start solo, and I am actually looking forward to it. There are only a couple stops that confuse me a bit on the directions - several left & right turns in a housing area. I have a mobile GPS, and am expecting a smartphone soon that will have one as well, but still. I prefer to know the stops without it.

I was hoping to sleep in a bit this morning, but no. Though the oldest son usually does not have band on Wednesdays, they called it this morning, so I still had to get up by 7 to get him there. No since in going back to sleep after that. Due to the physical part of the job, I think that is why I am feeling a bit more tired than usual (maybe combined with the allergies is not helping). I know I can feel several muscle groups in my back that are like, 'Hey, we are getting a little workout!' They aren't hurting per se, just can feel that they have been being used. At this rate, I should be down another 5 pounds this week I figure.

Well, that's all I got today.


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