Tuesday, August 27

Day One: Completed

It is yet another early morning here at my house. Especially after a bit of a late night for my first day on the job. But, not bad considering I put in a good 12 hours (plus) for Day One. Granted, once I am trained, it won't be near as long of a work day. There were just extra things that had to be done yesterday. In fact, today they are having me come in closer to what will be my regular time, though still will be an extra hour I am sure once everything is done.

The job s pretty simple. A bit repetitive for paperwork, and all the eyes that have to see it, just to drop off parts to a tech that ordered them. I don't know why, but the guy training me was training me in his job for a better part of the day, I guess to show me what they do, which leads into my job position. I find it a bit worthless. If I get experienced enough to have free time to help you out, then I can learn. I don't need to know it prior to doing my job.

Everyone seems nice, but then it has only been one day. I am going to like the driving part of the job, especially once I am on my own, which won't be for a couple more days. Of course, that leaves no one but myself to blame if something gets forgotten. Yesterday things were forgotten, but of course, I had no clue, as the trainer did not train me on them, and I felt more like I was just trailing him all day, rather than actually learning much. He's a nice guy and all, but a bit spacey.

Still have about three hours before I need to head in today. Last night we dropped off my personal van, and I got to bring home one of the panel vans that we used on the route. Eventually, they will have me driving a box truck (like a U-Haul) which will be interesting on a daily basis. We were using the van last night, as the manager flat-out said he doesn't trust my trainer (he's only 21) in driving the box-truck as he has no experience. Of course, this was after he asked if I do, and yes, I do. I think driving a 27-foot U-Haul, towing a 4-wheel transport with a jeep on it from Phoenix, AZ, to Hyde Park, NY, counts. He laughed.

Either way, I need to get some things done before I leave for work today.


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