Sunday, August 3

I'm Making Myself Insane

It is a Sunday evening, and here I am, still sitting at the computer. I have been for a couple hours (or so) since I woke up from my two hour nap I took earlier. Why'd I take a nap? Because I could ... and I was tired. I was up at that bright hour of 6am on a day when I could have slept in, probably until at least nine. No clue as to why.

Either way, I spent this morning organizing my ebook library, catching up on emails, Facebook. Even some online gaming. Watched a movie. Read for awhile. Yeah ... I am bored now. Trying to stay out of the bar though. The Wife has some stew cooking, so maybe after eating I will crash ... and wake up early tomorrow, would be my luck.

We received our early ballots for Arizona yesterday. I dread opening it, and having to read up on people to decide who I think may be best for the job(s). Most times, it is the picking of the lesser of two evils, it seems.

Alright. Enough staring at the screen.


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