Monday, August 11

It Was Here A Second Ago ....

We had pizza for dinner last night from Little Caesar's, and for something a little different, I ordered one of the a supreme (with olives, peppers, etc) rather than just the usual 3-meat type. I think it is a dollar or two more, but that is beside the point - I wanted something the Wife and I enjoy, instead of just what we know the boys will eat. For some reason, they don't care for veggies on their pizza. Well, I don't know if it was just me, or if something was up with some of those veggies, but I had some pretty weird dream sequences last night. Many of them. It seemed I was waking about every half hour, so this morning finds me a bit tired still. Though, as I sat down to do my post today, every idea I had just disappeared ... like the dreams I was having last night. nothing remembered, just the scent that it was there, and how it felt. Of course, in that dream-like state, the ideas for a post were some of the best I ever had ... you know how it is.

So, I really don't have much to replace those great post ideas. I could discuss all the crap going on in
 the world: the Ukraine, Hammas and Israel, Iraq. Yeah, just what we need ... more wars. Border Security? Arizona Elections? Which reminds me I still need to get my early ballot in. Sigh. I probably will do that tonight.

The Boys have started school today, and I have already dropped the oldest off. He has that wonderful early band schedule (sigh). The middle son is starting Junior high, and the youngest returns to his school, though going into the 3rd grade.

Saturday evening we spent at the buffet. Reverend Mother likes to get the family together on her birthday and pay for everyone's meal. I think she does the paying as it ensures them that there is no financial strain, thus should be able to attend ... but that is just my thought. She won't let us offer to pay, and argued with me briefly when I said we were at least helping with the tip. Aside from that, it was a fine time. The kids got to see some of their cousins they hadn't seen for awhile. Sis and I caught up on miscellaneous talk. Stuman couldn't make it (OCS school back East somewhere) but his wife and kids were there. I ate too much.

Guess that's about all I got this morning. Should get off here to get something done before going to work.


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