Thursday, August 7

Yet Another Milepost

Today, my middle son turns 12 years old. Monday, he will start Jr. High. This morning, he is currently wasting his time playing some game on the computer, here in the room near me. All I can hear are the sounds of gunshots.

I don't remember many specific details of when Nathan came into the world. Well, actually, I can remember it was at Phoenix Baptist hospital, and it was late. The labor ward did not have a room available until just before 11pm, if I remember correctly. Late enough, that we had no time to plan/arrange for the other two kids to be watched/stay over night somewhere. We didn't want them in the room (thought it may be a bit too graphic for them) so they spent most of the night in a waiting room, just outside of the labor ward. I would go out and check on them every 30 minutes or so. One incident happened, but I won't share as it could be embarrassing for those involved (not me).

I remember all the time The Wife and I thought about the name for this second son. We wanted (or maybe it was more me than her) something strong sounding, that had some meaning, yet, would not be from either side of our families. We settled on Nathan, which was the name of an angel, sounded good. His middle name is Michael, another angel name, and common enough to not necessarily be attributed to anyone in particular. We both have Michaels in our families. The Wife had a cousin killed around the time we were dating named Michael. I have an Uncle Mike (a couple actually), but Uncle Lil Mike gets the nod on the name. Sorry Uncle Big Mike.

Twelve years sure has gone by fast.

Yup... He's turning into quite the young man.


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