Friday, August 22


I have a lack. A lack of interesting things to post about. A lack of anything to do. I lack the gumption, to do just about anything today. And it is Friday. I should feel motivated, and excited, and quit using "and" so much in a sentence.

Should I give you my opinion about ISIS/ISIL? They suck. They had a journalist that they could have used to write up little blurbs about them, and how they are so good for the world ... but no. They behead him. I haven't seen the video. I truly have no desire to to after hearing about it constantly on the radio the past few days. I have come to the conclusion, if you claim to be a member of this organization (not a religion) then you are just dumb, and deserve to be dead meat. A bunch of worthless scum just terrorizing the weak. Below the level in which I place Hitler, even.

Now I am a bit angry. I knew I shouldn't have started in on that subject.


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