Thursday, August 28

Something Bad is About to Happen

You know Murphy? Yeah. Him. The one that they named those laws after. I have a feeling I will be proving the truth of one (or possibly a few) of them probably this weekend. Two reasons why: 1) it is Thursday, and they have yet to ask me to work extra time to help out at work (for which I am happy about), and 2) the fact that I haven't been asked, that I am happy about it, means something bad is going to happen because I never seem to get to have a happy time last, or a good thing come to pass without something bad coming along right afterwards. Good, positive outlook, I know, right? Well, let's just throw in that Labor Day weekend is this weekend as well. Yeah, odds aren't stacking up well in my favor.

Friday night is the oldest Son's first home game they will perform at this school year. I feel sort of bummed I won't get to see it due to work, but then again, I never had the patience to sit through half a game just to see the half-time performance. I usually left afterwards. I guess in a way, I am saved from having to attend, though I will be going to at least one of the band competitions as they are usually on Saturdays.

Weather has been getting nicer. No rain for us this next week (so they say) and monsoon season should be ending. The past couple of evenings, it has cooled off enough by about 8pm that I actually shut the AC off in the truck as I am getting cool, and roll down the window. Can't wait until "winter" so I can leave the window down all the time.

My year with the company came up on Tuesday. I haven't been called in for a performance review as of yet. Maybe today will be the day. But I did receive the information packet for their 401K program. I have never done one before. Just glancing through the pages of the booklet they sent on how to set it up and the options, I am confused. The Wife will straighten me out, I hope, once we can sit down and go through it this weekend. At least the company will do a percentage match up to a certain limit.


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