Tuesday, September 2

The Aftermath of Labor Day

In years past, even though Tuesday after Labor Day was a work day, it was 99% of the time a recovery day for me as well. Not much work would get done since I was hungover. This year, I just think I am getting too old to be doing that anymore. I spent Monday at home with the boys, as the Wife had to work. Though I am not hungover today, I still find myself not exactly jumping for joy to return to work.

We made no special plans over this last weekend. Went out to eat a couple times. Did a little shopping. It was more of an extended regular weekend, I guess you could say. Must be losing some of the excitement in life, or we are just getting old.

Since nothing of major import happened, I guess I don't have much to say today.

Off to catch up on the news I missed this weekend....


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