Tuesday, September 23

Getting the Late Start

It appears the company has hit the "busy season". For about the past two weeks, the work load I have has steadily increased. Yesterday was the biggest I have seen since seemingly, last winter. It appears that the slow down starts in the late winter/early spring, and picks up around summer end/fall start. Also, one of our techs that has been on medical leave for the past several months is back, so more parts to pull, and he is one I deliver to as well, so more drive time. In a sense, one would think that means more money for me, but not really. I was going in to work earlier, to make up the time that I didn't get driving. That will change now, though there is an increase. I suppose I could go in an hour early each day, and end up with 5 hours overtime, and I don't think the company would mind - as long as I am busy, and not just sitting around (and I don't).

Either way, the past week or so has lead me back to sleeping in a bit. I don't know if it is just a combination of the heat and humidity (been quite a bit of humidity the last couple weeks), or if it is just that work is increasing. Maybe both. All I know is I am tired at night, and even though in the habit of getting up early, after dropping the Son off at school, I feel the need for a nap as I am so tired feeling. Usually an extra hour or two before getting up to face the day helps. I wonder how much longer this will last?

It is Tuesday, and already the aches and pains of the week have started. I think I put a shallow muscle bruise on my shoulder last night while carrying a door. It feels tender this morning.

Preacher Tom has asked me to help with some computer problem he has, so I am headed over there to see if it something I can fix or not. Hopefully something easy. Then off to work I guess. I have some extra stuff to do this morning, so going in early is not an issue.


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