Thursday, September 18

Happy Wednesday (Oh Crap, It's Thursday)

Just like everyone else, I am happy it is one day closer to Friday than I thought. This week has just not been the best one it could have been, yet I admit, I haven't helped on making it better either. I just want the damn thing to end.

Last night was nice. I went out to the the pub and got to hang out a bit with a friend that is in visiting from Georgia (the state, not the country). It's been close to a year since he was last out here to visit. There was enough other stuff going on around us, that we only had a few minutes (between the two of us) and I know Saturday will another time we can hang out before he heads out of town.

My good buddy that got me my job, is in the hospital. He had had some lump growing on his neck that turned cancerous. Earlier this year he had gone through some chemo and radiation to "kill" it off, which worked. He as admitted yesterday to have the docs go in and remove some scar tissue. Seems some of the interior scarring is pressing on some sort of nerve cluster, plus they want to remove the interior scars to prevent the cancer from coming back. He's in for a couple days. I called him yesterday evening, but he was still groggy, and doped up, so we didn't talk long. I sure as hell am not going to the hospital to see him,

I hate hospitals.

What else I got? Pretty much nothing.


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