Monday, September 15

Let's Start With Some Crap

I didn't sleep well last night. Seemed I woke about every 30-45 minutes, would roll over and try to doze back off. Kept having these recurring snippets of dream based on a the story line of a book I had recently finished. I couldn't escape having these dream snippets, though every time I woke up, I tried to tell myself that I need to dream something different and new, or just not dream. Having the same one coming every time I drift off was dreadfully boring. Maybe it's good that I just remember having a dream.

So that being said, I crawled back into bed after running the oldest son to school this morning. As Life has it, I woke up 10 minutes before the alarm went off, getting only about 45 minutes more of sleep.

I suppose I should spend some time in the reading room this morning. As a family we ate pretty good this weekend, and I know I need to be dropping some of it off at the water slide, or will have to make extra stops tonight while on the route. Yeah, you really needed to know all that, right?

The Daughter was up this weekend. Her and the fiance' had a couple of scheduled appointments to check out potential locations of having the wedding. Seems they picked a place, and a down payment was made. I have a feeling we are paying for it, but can't get the Wife to give me details. Every time I asked she would tell me we would discuss it later. In my thinking, that means I probably don't want to know.


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