Friday, September 5

At Least It Is Friday

Last night, I did the community a favor, by 'breaking in' a new karaoke DJ at the local. One would think, because I did this service for them, that the area would be quieter this morning ... but no. I know not to expect miracles, but some quiet ... well, I would not have complained about it being quiet. At the same time, I admit, much of the noise is the garbage and recycle trucks picking up the load for the week, so maybe I am just being a bit anal. But my head hurts .... not tonight dear, I have a headache.

That being said, the Wife is mad at me. I was not able to wake up (at her attempts, feeble as they were) at her beckoning, so she had to run the oldest Son to school. Yeah, I know it is only about 2.5 miles away, but with me doing it, she has the chance to lay back down for an extra 30 minutes of nap .... which she didn't get today. And that lack of beauty sleep, showed, since she was a bit stand-offish, as she told me goodbye on her way out the door (because by then, I was awake).

Cold spaghetti with corn ... it's what's for breakfast!

It's Friday, and I shall be daring. I am not checking my email until tonight. No matter what might be there! I know ... risky!


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