Friday, September 12

Beat Up and Broke Down

I am so glad that today is Friday, and the end of my work week. For some reason, I am hurting more than what I usually do. Must be old age, right? No. I am sure it isn't. More like being clumsy. I have had some tendinitis going on in my right elbow, and though it hurts, I can usually manage the day by using some OTC ibuprofen. However, last Monday, I slipped coming out of the shower, and without going into much detail, ended up catching the edge of the door jamb against the back/outside of my right shoulder. Luckily I didn't fall, but ended up bruising the muscle in my shoulder. So lifting things this week has been hard, but I have managed. So my right arm/shoulder have been achy a bit more than usual, and the back, well, I think it has been hurting more just do to compensating for lifting with the sore right arm. I'm not a doc, but I am pretty sure I am right.

And today, is a double-duty day for me, meaning I do two days worth of parts pulling, rather than the usual one. So a longer day. Joy.

Swung by the Reverend Mother's last night. I guess she had spent the evening before with my niece, and they had made some pies. RM had asked me the night before if I wanted one, a cherry, and I had said yes. Also, she had picked up a Redskins hat for my birthday (and some beef jerky, and a candy bar) for my presents, though I told her not to get me anything. Mothers (eye roll). I was too tired last night to try the pie, so am looking forward to trying some tonight. It sure looks good.

Yesterday was 9-11, and many people shared there thoughts/events of what happened on that day thirteen years ago. I thought about sharing, but then realized, who would care? I thankfully did not know anyone in any of the events, that died, though I did know at least one person that FEMA had called up from AZ to help with the clean up in NYC. Was I upset at the time? No. Mad? No. Feeling the need for vengeance? Maybe a little, though I didn't know against who (at that time). I heard radio call-ins that talked about how they prepared for the end of the world, even here in AZ. What's I do? I went to work. Nothing changed for me.

Heartless? Maybe a little. Apathetic? Most definitely.


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Rev Mom said...

Sons (eye roll). LOL Love you!