Friday, September 19

Gonna Get Me Some Money

I mentioned yesterday that this Saturday I will have the chance to spend a little more time with a friend from GA. It is at a get-together at my buddy Jan's house, spending the evening playing some Texas Hold 'Em poker. If all works well, it won't be a huge gathering, I think he was planning on about nine players. I am a so-so player at Texas Hold 'Em. Depends on how much I have been drinking (obviously). I usually end up about mid-rank of about 15-20 people. Never made a final three for cash. But who knows, that may change Saturday night. I invited the Wife, so she could have "adult interaction" but have not heard if she wants to go with or not as of yet.

That is the recreational part of Saturday. I have plans for the earlier daytime, most of it involving physical work, so not quite sure how much of it will get done. I need to run my truck over by one of our stores to empty the accumulating trash in the back. I admit, I don't empty it daily at the shop - mostly because I don't feel like climbing into the back just to have to carry doors. SO I will wait a couple weeks then back it up to a dumpster at a store and empty it. Much easier than having to carry everything. Also in the agenda is the front yard needs to be mowed. The oldest boy will help with that, as it pretty much is his job. I just have to get on him about getting it done. The rain we had last week has turned it into a jungle. I know I had pulled up some grass/weeds that had gotten in around the Wife's roses, and I am sure will need to touch that up again as well. The truck needs washed. That probably won't happen.

Sunday is football day. My new Redskins hat that the Reverend Mother got me for my bday is getting some wear time. Though, I admit I need to get another jersey to wear, but so far, they cost quite more than I am willing to pay - at least the authentic ones I see online. Maybe if I go to sports gear store they might be a bit cheaper. I haven't decided which one I want yet either. No, I don't want to wear an RGIII or Morris one. Right now all I have is my Monk (whoa... that was a few years ago). Maybe if I could find a Manley, or Mann. Course, I am not sure what they have made, or if I have to have it made, the extra cost. Who knows, I may just chalk it up to a wish list thing.

Well, my "quiet time" is coming to an end. I hear the alarm clock going off for the Wife to get up and moving. Next will be the younger boys. I should find me a pop tart or something for breakfast.

Speaking of food, the RM will be happy to hear, I finally got a piece of the cherry pie last night ... actually, two pieces. It was that good! Hmmm.... cherry pie for breakfast ....


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Rev Mom said...

Finally? LOL I would have thought it was entirely gone by now!