Thursday, September 4

Lazy Post Title

It's just a tad past 7am, and things are starting to quiet down in the house. I woke up about a quarter past six, realizing the Wife was still in bed with me. Usually that is not a bad thing ... except on most weekday mornings, considering the oldest Son needs to be at the school at that time for morning band practice. So, it was the quick rush around getting him up and to the school (which he made being only 3 minutes late by the clock in the van, thanks to my superb driving skills while still waking up and wiping sleep crusties from my eyes). Once I returned home from the morning drive, it was getting the other two boys up and moving, a feat of super powers on some mornings. The youngest decided to be a whiner this morning, which almost threw my short-temper switch. Overall though, the Wife was out the door with the two at a good time, and now I can sit back and relax a bit before thinking about work.

Football season starts tonight with the first season game. My Redskins play this Sunday morning. I am not sure if I am going to hang out at the pub with my buddies or not. I just haven't been able to "get into it" yet this year. Maybe it was because last year I was more gung-ho, and we ended up with a crappy season. I don't know. Maybe RG3 is overhyped. I just don't know.

I have been doing quite a bit of internal reflection the past few days. No, I haven't. I just wanted to get your hopes up your read some special insight I have about myself. Here's one: I'm hungry. Off to fix some breakfast.


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