Friday, October 24

Doing Better

It has been almost a week since my friend Don passed away. It has seemed harder to cope with the loss, even when compared to my friend Smitty when he passed away. I think the difference is when Smitty was sick, we knew about it, saw how he was getting worse ... had time to accept he was not doing well. Don's was pretty much just out of the blue. Or at least our knowledge of it. Grieving sucks. We are having a Celebration of Life for him coming up here in the next three weeks.

This last week, I have spent some time (while driving, go figure) about the what if's of life. I know the Wife and I should get wills drawn up, but it seems each time we try to get to a point to decide on things, and something else happens to distract us... band event, church event, etc.I guess we need to be more definite about getting that done.

Today should be a light day at work. Usually on Fridays, I pull parts for Saturday and Monday, then do my regular delivery route. However, this Monday there is an all-day training scheduled. So my guess is I will pull only Saturday, and then on Monday, resume the regular schedule. I think I will go in more like the time I am supposed to today, rather than the hour early like usual.


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