Friday, October 31

Halloween Is Here

Gee, it is Friday already? That came around fast. What? It is Halloween, too? OMFG. It's not even 6:30 in the morning and already my day is going to just really suck. Halloween, I learned last year, is not a fun night to be driving around neighborhoods, delivering parts. Parents don't seem to care about how much room you need to maneuver a 16-foot box truck into a parking spot on the side of the road, preferably in front of, or behind, the van in which I need to access to place the parts in. Most streets where the techs live are not wide enough for me to double-park - even for just a few minutes. Last year, in one neighborhood, the parents would get their kid out of the car at the turn-in of the housing complex, send them on down the sidewalk, and literally, follow along behind in the car... yes, idling speed next to the kids as they went down the street, house-to-house. Lord forbid me to honk at them, trying to get them to at least scooch over so I can pass them.

Let's not forget those "precious" children, too. How they love to where dark clothing, and just run out in front of traffic at any given moment. Considering it is getting duck here at about 6'ish, that is only about halfway through my route, and unfortunately, the half with the most stops. I am so not looking forward to this evening.

The oldest Son's marching band has made State Competition this year, which is tomorrow. From the time they need to report to the school, it must be a late afternoon performance time. Not sure if I want to go. I was able to see the show last Saturday. This one is all the way over in Chandler -across the whole Valley for me. The Daughter is due up in town this weekend as well, so maybe I can just send her and the Wife - let them call it a Mom/Daughter outing. The two younger sons get bored so easily at these events, too, so I could help by keeping them at home. Oh, there are a few other runnings around I need to get done as well, so it would be better off.

The Wife has gotten up, so that means I should probably wrap this up. I wouldn't want to over-entertain you (is that possible?),


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