Monday, October 27

Just When You Think ...

Towards the end of last week, my allergy symptoms started to get worse. The itchy, watery eyes, nose running, drainage running down the throat causing you to cough, etc. For a couple days I was sure it was just my allergies, as with the nicer weather, things were starting to grow again. By Saturday morning, I decided it had to be something else. It had dropped into the chest and left me coughing and hacking, with a phlegm-like feel in the chest. I still attended the Son's marching event at ASU, but afterwards, came home, popped some cold/flu tablets, and proceeded to be miserable. Sunday was pretty much the same. Lots of sleeping and coughing. This morning, the phlegmy feeling isn't so bad in the chest, and I feel a bit better over all. Which is good, considering I need to work today. Hopefully, here in the next day, this "bug" will end.

My Redskins play tonight against Dallas. Yeah. We are probably going to lose. I am supposed to try to meet up with some of the guys at the pub to catch maybe the past part of the game, but feeling as I do, I may not even try to make it.


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Joe said...

It's probably Ebola