Friday, October 3

Friday Gripes

It's too damn early to be up, is what I think, though it is later than most mornings when I have to take the Son to school. I guess there being some kind of Jewish holiday, all the schools had to move their varsity football games to Thursday night, instead of Friday. That meant Zero Hour was cancelled for today (so I didn't have to get him there early), but his bus arrives to pick him up a whopping 45 minutes later. Which means I was able to have 30 minutes extra sleeping time (actually, it was 22 minutes). I'm up now, so I guess I should at least get moving.

The amount of rain we have had this past monsoon season is a good thing. They are saying it is the 7th wettest monsoon season we have on record (not sure how far back that goes ... 1930's?). Instead of drought conditions, they say it is extremely dry. With that rain comes the explosion of greenery growing, which brings on my allergies. Today is probably the worst they have been for months. Stuffed up nose, coughing from some of the drainage from the night, itchy, red eyes that water constantly. Popped my pill just before I started typing, and it has not kicked in yet. Hopefully soon.

Good things today .... It is Friday, so the last work day this week. Next week the boys are off for Fall Break. I'm craving me some pulled pork today. I need to figure out if there is some place I can get some on the way to work, or on my route this evening.

Some Friday music for you.



Rev Mom said...

Have you checked out that place on Peoria yet? I forget the name of it....

Ralphd00d said...

What ya talking about, RM?