Friday, October 10


That was a relieved sigh, not one of frustration, though, there are days I feel that way. The reason I am relieved has to do with the health of one of my buddies. A couple weeks ago he had a surgery to remove some scar tissue from the side of his neck where some cancer had been before. All of a sudden, another good friend and I, were not receiving any contact from this one friend - texts, calls .... nothing. Finally last night we talked and things are good again. Seems he was having some bad headaches (that were getting worse) and finally went to the doctor about them. He had some fluid building up in his inner ear, so they put a tube in there, and now he says he is doing much better.

Sure doesn't sound like much. But my friend is 58 years old, and after having lost another friend just a few short years ago to cancer, we (meaning my other friend and I) were getting a bit worried about the sudden "no contact".

I'm just relieved that he is feeling better now, and just needs to rest up.


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