Thursday, October 16


If some person were to stop me one the street (hopefully without the television camera) and ask my if I felt I was healthy, I would say yes. They would probably follow that question up with, "Are you sure?" and my answer would still be yes.

If you have seen a pic of me, you might even question this yourself. I am overweight. Not just a "few pounds", I am talking like 50 pounds or more. I smoke. I drink alcohol - more than I should, more often than I should. I don't exercise (regular routine, or go to the gym anymore). I eat fatty foods, or foods that supposedly are not healthy.Sometimes I eat a lot of that kind of food.

Sure, over the past 2-3 years I have lost some pounds. I am not that fat guy over 350 pounds that had to use a cane to walk anywhere. Sure I try to eat more salad and drink less beer. My job keeps me active for at least half the work day, and I mean active like on the feet constantly moving, lifting "weights". I sweat a ton at work.

So ... healthy? I would say yes.

My buddy Don isn't, at least at the moment. Since his surgery to remove some cancer on the side of his neck, he is back in the hospital again. This time with pneumonia, that in my experience, he probably got while having the surgery in the first place. Either way, there seems to be some conflicting opinions of what people have been told is going on with his health. One report is that the cancer spread to his liver. Another that it is just the pneumonia. Either way, he was not doing good earlier this week, and got to do an ambulance ride Tuesday morning. He will be in at least 3-4 days for now. I should go up and see him, but with my work schedule versus visiting hours .... that and I hate hospitals.

Healthy. Yeah, and I just had some pizza rolls. Talk about breakfast of champions.


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Rev Mom said...

Sorry to hear about Don. Keeping him in prayer. Love you.