Monday, October 6

I Just Want to Breath

Ever felt so overwhelmed that you just can't breath? Well not me. For me, it is my allergies. And they were bad this weekend. Yesterday I literally had one eye that would not quit watering, so that kept that side of my nose running. So by evening time, my eye is swollen and red, as is the nose, from rubbing and blowing (respectively) them all day. I even had my regular allergy pill, but it didn't seem to work. I am hoping today, whatever was setting me off, will be reduced, considering I will working and running around town.

I did get quite a bot of sleep I feel. Both Saturday and Sunday nights I was in bed earlier than usual, and slept well through the night. I feel more rested, though still a bit achy. I think that is just the age though.

My Redskins play tonight, and will probably lose to Seattle, but I told my buddies I would do my best to meet them at the pub for the 4th quarter. I might be able to make it if I can get a decent start on the route tonight.


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