Friday, October 17

Gone For A Few

Posting here will be spottier than the usual. I mentioned yesterday about my buddy Don, and some new info came to me yesterday. Seems he is in stage three with his cancer. It has spread from the spot on his neck (now removed) somehow to areas of his brain, his lungs, and that there are spots on his liver as well. He was moved into ICU and is on oxygen (due to the pneumonia) and morphine (to help with the pain - severe headaches related to the brain tumors is my guess). He has lost quite a bit of weight. His girlfriend and his daughter are meeting with doctors today to discuss options for treatment and whatnot. As of last night, his girlfriend said he will be needing to be transferred to a hospice within the next couple days, as the doc says nothing can be done while he has pneumonia. They gave him a prognosis of three months.

A couple years back one of our (Don and I) friends had passed in a similar incident. Had a lump on his side, went to have it removed. Turned out it was cancerous, and somehow had spread. Smitty went through a few weeks of chemotherapy, before getting pneumonia. From that point, he went into hospice, then home, then hospital with pneumonia again, back to hospice, before finally giving up the fight. Don goes in to have a lump from the side of his neck removed, and here the cycle starts again.

Maybe I should stop having friends. No. I know that won't happen. This whole thing just makes me think stupid things, because I am stressed out over the whole situation. Things like, how did they miss these other cancer areas, if he had stuff done on his neck within just the past few months? Did he know, and not want to tell anyone? Did he opt to not do chemo, and possibly end up in the same situation as Smitty (even though, it appears he still has)? Yeah, like I said, stupid thoughts. Either way it doesn't matter. He has it. It is there. What do we do next.

See ya in a few days.....


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