Monday, October 13

Feeling Wiped Out

Today ended up being a long day, or at least it sure felt like it. Yesterday I had spent most of the day with friends, as we were out at the University of Phoenix stadium, tailgating prior to going in and watching my Redskins get their butts handed to them. I think I am pretty much done with our performance this season, though I will still watch and support my team, I just may not get excited for them. Except when we play Dallas, because then every NFL team is on our side to beat Dallas.

The tailgating was fun, as I had not been out there to do it in several years. This time around there were more people (some I knew, others I didn't) also there was a ton of food, though, I only munched here and there because I was too busy talking and drinking beer. My ticket once we went in was at the corner of one end zone, here they call it the Red Zone, so was two stories down, pretty much level with the field. One could smell the turf from my seat, and were close to the plays at that end zone, though, there were not many. The Jumbotron at the other end of the field was seen with clarity to help enjoy the game. Beer was expensive inside - about $11.50 for a "bomber" which was a tall boy can.

Afterwards, those I rode with, and a few others went over to the restaurant/shopping area near the stadium (called WestGate) and sat down to dinner at Margaritaville - yes the chain owned by Jimmy Buffet. My first time there. The food was okay, and along with the drinks (I was having just beer) both were pricey. Following dinner we all rode back to the starting point, and I drove home. I had thought about going up to the bar, but figured I had had enough to drink (I thought that?) I just went home.

This morning had me waking up from about 4:30 on, seemingly every 45 minutes. Got up to run the Son to school, then returned to bed as I was feeling the regular worn out from drinking too much - not a hangover per se, but just groggy and tired. I slept in nap increments until I needed to get moving for work. Felt fine most of the day, though, before I started my route, I was beginning to feel muscle soreness in the legs from all the walking the previous day, then working on my feet today. By 5:30 this evening, about halfway through my route, I just started feeling wiped out.

Once home, I heated up a couple Hot Pockets, and here I sit, waiting awhile for the food to digest before heading to bed. I am sure I will sleep in til time to take the Son to school. I am beat.


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