Tuesday, July 29

Getting Old, It's Just In Your Head .... Right?

I feel like I need a week off from everything. Not just work, but just Life in general. A week where I can literally just relax, not do anything to exert muscles. A week to let the body heal up from the stuff I make it do in one of my regular weeks.

In other words, I am sore. By last Friday, I felt almost broken down. Muscles ached, joints groaned, constant tension headache at the back of my head. And that was before I went home to the family! Saturday I was up earlier than usual ... not by choice. Wasn't a bad day. Took the family out to the Hibachi Grill (Chinese buffet I like) for dinner, and surprised the boys with going to the movies to catch TRANSFORMERS IV. That started at 8:50, so knew it was going to be sort of a late night. No worries ... I'll sleep in good the next morning.

With about an hour to go in the movie, the screen blacks out. Seems a storm was hitting the Valley, and had reached the North side where we were. A power surge had hit, shutting the computers down momentarily, is my best guess. Either way, it was back up and running within about 10 minutes. But while it was down, I walked out to the exit door, and saw the winds were pretty strong, and rain was starting to fall. We finished the movie, and got out about midnight. Some rain as we walked to the van, and on the way home.

Within a couple blocks of getting off the freeway, we noticed one side of the street was without power. Our side of course. No biggee .. we live further down, and our area wasn't affected. Nope. We are talking a good square mile, including our home. It's about 12:20/12:30 by now. Arrive home. No power. But the house isn't stifling, so couldn't have been out very long. That, and no neighbors outside, so most everyone was asleep when it happened. After an hour getting the kids somewhat situated, I went to bed, to sweat, toss and turn. We had what doors and windows we could have open, but there was no air movement, and it was so humid. I couldn't sleep, but caught little naps. The Wife and Oldest Boy, the same. Power finally came on about 5:30am, and we quickly shut the doors, so the air conditioning could get to work. Turned on every fan in the house, too.Was only able to sleep in until about 8.

Sunday was an okay day. Met up with a buddy for a couple hours, then over to RM & PT's for burger and dogs on the grill, plus some swim time for the kids. Got to bed about 9:30'ish. Up again before the alarm set for 7. Ran the Oldest Boy to band camp at the high school. Then off to work. Got some tennis elbow going with the right arm. just regular aches still in the shoulders, knees and ankles. The lower back flares a bit every now and then, depending on what I am doing. In bed 9:30 again. This morning up just before 6.

Getting old - we joke about the aches and pains. We snicker about the need to go to bed early, and the early hours that wake them up (probably bathroom calls). The gray hair. Shit, that all sounds like me now.


I need to rub some Ben-Gay on before work, take my pills ... and use the bathroom yet again.


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