Monday, July 14

Gambling, Friends, Swollen Ankles

According to my last post, I had some kind of hidden fore-knowledge about my weekend. Not much on my to-do list got done. I blame it on my friends. Saturday after getting the middle son off to camp, I did get out and find a new pair of work shoes. Then I was hanging out with some friends for a bit. Some discussion went on, and next thing you know, we are on the way to Laughlin, NV, for the night. That was at about 6 in the evening. We ended up getting back around 2 on Sunday afternoon. Yeah, I did some betting, I am not much of a gambler. I was there to hang out more than gamble. Laughlin, though closer to Phoenix, seems to have less to offer than Vegas.

Sunday, once I was home, I did get a short nap before headed to the airport to pick up my friend's wife. Had a bite to eat on the way to her hotel, and got to visit for a bit. She is here until Friday afternoon.

My ankle is bothering me this weekend. All I can figure is that I rolled it getting in/out of my truck Thursday, as the pain had started Friday morning. After a weekend of walking around in sandals (the shoes I had on at the moment when we did the road trip) I know having not much support did not help things. Yesterday evening I could tell the top part of my foot, and ankles on both legs, were a bit swollen. The right one is pretty achey, too. This morning I see no obvious swelling (as of now) but still aches. Has to be a strain/sprain.

Nothing else to share today. I haven't heard any news yet this morning, and that usually just depresses me.


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Rev Mom said...

welcome home....LOL Glad you made it back safely.