Friday, July 25

The Time Is Now

My internal clock is either a) broken, or b) playing a very sick and twisted prank on me. For some reason, I presume the latter. Currently it is 3:51 a.m., I am wide awake, and have been for about a good forty minutes. What is wrong with that? Last night, as I went to bed around 9:30 p.m., I did one of those little tricks to help wake myself at a needed hour: I said the mantra "Wake at 5:20" about a handful of times. In many previous instances, this worked well in helping me wake up around the time I needed to, most times, within a minute or two before the alarm going off (always a good back-up). Not working do great this morning, though, I wonder ....

It is daylight savings time in the U.S. right now. Could it be a reason why? I live in the Mountain Time region, though, most of Arizona does not adjust that hour as the the rest of the time zone does. When the shift occurs, we just keep our clocks the same, and basically become the Pacific DST hour. With computers, phones and other electrical time pieces, we even have  our own time zone indicator, something like Mountain Time (Arizona), or (UTC-07:00) Arizona (as it is on my computer). UTC ... Universal Time Clock? Heh. I looked it up actually. Universal Time Coordinated (UTC) is often interchanged with Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) which is the time at the Prime Meridian. So, possible my body has shifted a couple time zones? Not likely. I haven't even been out of state for quite some time.

Perhaps it is my mental state. Aside from partially insane and containing way too much sewer humor, I refer this one more to the radio in my work truck. See, at one time, when I had it in the garage for some work ( I think it was a resistor replacement in the electrical for the blower) they had to disconnect the battery. As usual, that reset the radio presets, and the time displayed. Now this particular radio is somewhat ... well, old and out-dated. Though it does possess a digital read-out and the ability to play cassette tapes (sigh - not CDs), it is still rather old, and has been exposed to the heat of Arizona at least since 2008, the year of its manufacture. Thus, the buttons/keys that are rarely used, basically are sort of stuck, and unusable. Those keys being the ones that pertain to setting the clock. As luck would have it, the presets, forward seek, and power/volume still work. But as to the clock the time displayed since the last battery connection, is about two hours and five minutes ahead. So if it reads 5:05, it truly is 3:00. One of those weird, and seemingly stupid, things I do, is use this clock for the time. I constantly know the difference from what is displays, and am calculating it whenever I need to see about what time it is. So maybe, just maybe, the mind tricked it self into waking me two hours before the alarm this morning.

Or maybe, that internal clock is just a mean and twisted. Either way, I am up two hours before I need to be. Today being a long one, as we have a Tech Meeting this morning at work, at 7am, about an hour's drive from home. Which afterwards, I won't have the time to drive back home, and yet, be too early to really start work, so will end up sitting at Dennys for an hour or two. Yeah, it's rough to have that much reading time, though, I really would be happy to use that time sleeping a bit.

Ahhh life. At least I won't have to rush to work today thinking I am late, or worry about traffic time.


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