Monday, July 7

Sticky, With Good Reason

This past weekend has been terribly humid, at least for those of us here int he desert called Arizona. We finally had rainfall this past Thursday night, heading into the holiday weekend. After 122 days of no rain, it was nice to get some, but as always, I forget about how "sticky" and "muggy" the air feels afterwards. In this case, it has been feeling that way all weekend. There looked to be slight chances of additional rain, but none ever happened, that I saw at least. We are still in the monsoon season, so who knows when and how much more may come.

Of course,speaking about the weekend means that today is Monday, and I am sure that many of us are returning to work today. I know I will be, in a couple hours or so. It's not that I am NOT looking forward to work, as I do like my job, I just kinda feel a bit .... blah ... this morning. No, not tired. Not sick. Well rested I would say. Maybe I just don't have a purpose yet for myself today.

I had a nice lunch with RM on Saturday. It was nice to be able and catch up a bit with her, since it has been awhile since I last had a chance to do so. Was even better we were able to do it one on one, rather than at a family get-together or whatever. Less interruption and a little more open. Not that there anything major to discuss. PT and I have a breakfast about once a month. I get lunch solo lunches with RM maybe every few months, if that. Busy schedules ...

Sunday I spent doing pretty much nothing. Watched a couple movies (nothing worth sharing) and played games on the computer. I was going to replace the kitchen faucet, but it didn't happen. I suppose I will end up doing it sometime this week after work. I hope I won't have to make a run for parts to Lowe's while in the middle of doing the job. They may be closed at that hour. I may have to wait until next weekend.

No more holidays until September, but I am fine with that. The oldest starts band camp the last week of July, so I will be making school runs then. Of course, that signals that school will be starting back up soon (mid-August) and the return of m having to get him there at 6am. Sigh. I hate those days. Only 10 more years of it ... since the two younger boys are in band as well. Yeah, they are all four years apart....

I'm out of here to go waste more time before work.


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