Saturday, July 12

Murphy's Law ... or What?

It is barely past 6 ay-em and already I am wide awake, sitting at the computer, ready to share a whole lot of nothing with you. What is so unusual about that? Well, it is Saturday morning, and one of the days I generally prefer to sleep in. So what brings me to be so awake on this morning, even though I stayed up way too late last night (past midnight!)? I have no clue. Actually, I do have a guess, and that would be because the middle son is leaving this morning for camp. I am betting my mind made the simple calculation, that since the bus leaves from the church at 7:45, that we need to be there by say 7-7:15, and that would require us to be awake by say ... 6:30. So being awake and unable to snooze before 6 is not surprising the way my body seems to be. Personally, I think it is revenge for the hell I put my body through.

So, the middle son is off to camp for a week. He attended the camp last year as well, and really enjoyed it. His two older siblings had never shared a desire to attend, so he is the first to do the summer camps in our family (at least to any memory I ever have). I guess it might be one of those traits that are different between siblings.

My best friend's wife is flying into Phoenix Sunday night. She has a week long conference in her line of work (something bio/lab) and is coming out on the company dollar. Last year they had the conference here as well, and we were able to get at least a chance to have dinner with her once. This year, due to my work schedule, Sunday night is about the only chance we have this year as well. I know her husband, my friend, is a bit disappointed he could not come out with her. I know the feeling when it comes to finances, etc.

There are quite a few things I wanted to get done this morning. My van is having issues. Engine light is on, it is "chugging" at idle, and even a bit when in motion. Fuel filter? Needs a tune-up? I don't know. Autozone and O'Reilly I heard have the diagnostic thing for free to get whatever error code that the engine light is on for, so I should drive it to one of them to see. I also need to get some new shoes for work, and it wouldn't hurt to get a couple more pairs of shorts, and maybe some more t-shirts, too. Oh, and I still need to get the kitchen faucet replaced. For some reason, that did not get done last weekend. I ahve my bets that not much off my list will get done this weekend....


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