Thursday, July 17

When It Rains ....

As I sit here trying to wake up, eating my blueberry flavored, imitation pop-tart, and drink my milk, of what needs to get accomplished today, and over the next few days. I do this most mornings, just to depress myself properly so I can go about my day like a norm. Why should today be any different?

This morning I need to go into work early. Yesterday it seemed there was more work than usual for me to do at the shop. Looking at the paperwork involved for today, I could see that today was going to be more, so decided I should at least get the jump on it. Besides, I could use the extra hour or two to get me closer to 40 for the week. Summer brings lighter hours for my position. The only problem is that I am pretty sore. One of the parts I delivered last night was a whole tub assembly for a washer .... a big washer. Needless to say, it had to way close to 150 pounds. Doesn't sound like much, I know, but when it is in a box about 3.5 foot square, and where the handles are, the shipping people have "broken" them (torn into the box) it makes it difficult to lift. I managed, by myself, to get it out the back of my truck, turn and take 2 steps placing it into the work van of one of the techs. You should have heard the groaning. I sat there in my truck for about 5 minutes after that stop. My right arm already was feeling the strain I put on it, as was the back. This morning, it feels like only the lower back is still feeling it. Though, after I typed that, I flexed the arm and can feel it.

The Wife tells me last night that the slight grinding we had heard on her brakes is now a full fledged, "making noise even when I am not touching the brakes" stage. I told her the only options I saw was to either take off work and take it to the garage, or wait until I can do it Saturday. You know she is going to opt for Saturday. By then we will probably have to replace the rotor as well. Great. I suppose I could save money and do it myself - I do have the know-how. I just don't think I want to sit out in 110 degree heat working ont he brakes. It's worth it to pay someone to do it.

Middle son back from camp yesterday. He had fun. The older one starts band camp next week I believe. I need to check the dates again. Registration for both of them is soon as well.

Thank goodness this week is almost over.


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