Monday, July 21

Eh. Another Monday

What is it about Mondays that everyone seems to hate? I mean, yeah ,,, most people return to the work week, or school. It's ending a weekend, or maybe a vacation. I have noticed over the past few months, I actually sort of look forward to Mondays because I am going to work. After two days with my kids, the work week is like a mini-vacation from them!

This week brings us closer to school starting back up. The oldest boy has "optional" attendance for marching band practice. But I was told, not really optional since he is a section leader. Required attendance is next week. So this week I have to run him to school prior to heading into work.

Today will  an early work day. Hopefully the last one for awhile. I will have to check the paperwork for tomorrow to determine how bad it may be, but from what I remember last week, I should be okay going back to my regular start time. Of course, the extra couple hours per day is nice on the pay check, but just wears me out faster.

Middle son's birthday is coming up soon. I have no idea what we are getting him. He is turning 12. I am sure the Wife will stick me with getting something for him.

Alright. I ran out of things for today.


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