Tuesday, July 22

Looking Forward to the Next Paycheck

The company I work for has some weird pay schedule, as far as the days of the week. We get paid weekly. No big deal. But instead of it being like a Monday-Saturday pay week, it like a Thursday-Wednesday time period. Unless you are me, or the techs that are on the West Side, that I deliver to each night. Then it is more of a Wednesday-Tuesday deal, as everything I turn in on Tuesday (including my sign-out time sheet) is the close of the pay period for us. I guess Wednesday night's stuff, being as how it doesn't physically get to be turned in until Thursday, is too late for the payroll dept. Either way, this week will be nice, as I have put maybe 10 hours or so of overtime in. It has been a bit crazy. Today, I think I am only going in about an hour early.

I have had much time to think about topics to write about here. Heck, I have about four hours worth as I drive around town. But I never can seem to find a topic worth really sitting down and taking the time to write. I think maybe I should discuss current events, but who wants to hear just someone else's opinion of the whole Israel-Hamas thing. OR the Ukraine-Russia events, or the Malaysian airliner crash (pick one). Should I bitch about our country's immigration policies and border control. Maybe the condition of our VA medical system. Maybe my opinion about Joe Arpaio, and how everything he does, it is only for photo ops and newspaper space. Though, I do admit tent city for jails was a good idea (and I even spent time there).

No ... readers coming here want more. In previous years this spot of the internet was called "Boobies & Beer" and I never much talked about either, but every now and then posted some pictures of both. Glancing back through the old posts, it seemed I bitched about work, and other basic stuff ... pretty much like I do now. Maybe I don't need "Change" like Obama campaigned on. I think I will just stay me.


P.S. Reverend Mother, if you are reading this, you haven't had a post in over a week.....lol

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Rev Mom said...

you make me laugh. yeah - busy week and trying to find time. Maybe I can find something good tomorrow to write.