Saturday, July 5

It Just Don't Feel Right ...

It is a Saturday, but feels like a Sunday, all on account of being off on Friday for the 4th. Really messes with my internal time clock. This also makes the second day in a row I have been up prior to the early hour of 6am, and on days that I have the opportunity to sleep in. That is frustrating. Instead I have to entertain myself with Facebook and trying to find something witty to say here. This morning wasn't so bad. At least one of the boys has arisen early to spend time with Dad (meaning, he wanted to get on the computer and get some play time in at the station next to me).

How was the 4th? Pretty much like any other "weekend" day around our house. I spent some time with some buddies. We went out to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. Surprisingly, all of us were so full we could not finish our dinners. I think this is a first, that the whole family had to do the take home trays. It was good family time!

Today no major plans. I need to drop off the Daughter's cable box. Also I am doing lunch with the Reverend Mother. I had asked her out for lunch a couple weeks ago - I had to give advance notice for her hectic schedule. I have no idea where she has decided to go. I know when we last talked, we were throwing around a few ideas: Souper Salad, Sweet Tomato's, U.S. Egg. Heck, she might even pick Denny's, though for lunch, I don't think she will. I told her I would buy lunch so she got to pick it. It will be nice to sit down and talk, just the two of us, as we have not had the chance in quite some time. Sometimes, a d00d just needs some him and momma time.

The rest of the weekend is pretty boring. I need to replace the kitchen faucet. This one has a constant dripping going on, and has for quite some time. The Wife picked out a style of faucet she wants back a couple weeks ago, but we have been so busy, I have had not had the chance to get it done. I told her I would like to get that accomplished this weekend. Will help a bit on the water bill, too.

Guess that is all I have this morning....


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